DIGNITY Photo Auction


DIGNITY Vancouver is a one-night photo exhibition featuring 20-30 prints by renowned photographers for auction and notable social change speakers.  The event has been hosted globally on annual basis by Acumen’s chapters around the world with proceeds donated directly to Acumen Fund.

To date, DIGNITY has been hosted 11 times in 9 cities raising over $125K for Acumen.

Events have included:  New York (2009 + 2011), Chicago (2010 + 2012), Dubai (2010 + 2012), San Francisco (2010), Toronto (2010 + 2011), Karachi (2011), London (2011), Vancouver (2011 + 2012), Washington DC (2011 +2012), Atlanta (2012), Boston (2012) and Tokyo (2012).


DIGNITY Vancouver is curated by the Nuru Project – a non-profit organization that leverages photography as a medium for social change.  Photos are contributed by renowned and emerging artists, enabling Nuru to distribute 50% of auction proceeds to Acumen Fund and 25% to its photographers.


DIGNITY attracts a diverse crowd of 200+ of Vancouver’s movers and shakers. Guests include professionals interested in international development, entrepreneurship, social innovation, photography and art.

For information on our upcoming DIGNITY Vancouver 2012 event on May 24th, please click here.


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