SALON Conversation Series

SALON Conversation Series

Salons are a time-honoured forum for discussion and exchange of ideas.  Vancouver +acumen is continuing this tradition by hosting a monthly series of salons inspired by the values and principles of Acumen Fund.

Tickets & more info on our next Salon can be found on our website Vancouver +acumen

A Quick overview of  +acumen Salons:

WHO: Each dinner hosts 15-30 people coming from all different backgrounds – graphic designers to bankers, non-profit founders to students… and of course, Vancouver +acumen chapter volunteers.  It’s about the exchange of new people and new ideas.

WHAT: The purpose of the salon is simply to have a great conversation with inspirational people. Each salon has a different theme and will be based on a
set of readings and videos related to that theme. These will vary from short stories to historical speeches and range across international and local topics. You never know where the conversation will take you (or where you will take the conversation!).

WHEN: We host our salons on the last Tuesday of every month.

WHERE: We dine at local restaurants that share our values and demonstrate moral leadership within their communities.

WHY: Acumen Fund is dedicated to inspiring moral leadership. These dinners spur your imagination and challenge you to think about poverty, business and the relationship that exists between them in new ways.  They’re a great place to meet new people that are interested in social enterprise.

HOW: Start by registering below. Each multi-course dinner is $30. Once registered you will receive the reading and video content via email along with an overview of what to expect throughout the evening.

If you have any questions about the +acumen Salon’s please contact Amanda @

BACKGROUND: The salons are based on material from Acumen Fund’s Global Fellows leadership training program.  Vancouver +acumen was offered a leadership workshop by the Acumen Fund team in April 2011. It was there that our chapter leaders decided to create a monthly dinner series so that the rest of the community could experience this inspirational material and conversation.

To receive ongoing updates about +acumen Salons simply register below and we’ll be in touch:


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