The content to fuel our discussion and reflection at our Salon on Trust was:

1. ARTICLE – “To Hell with Good Intentions” – Ivan Illich
Link to article:

2. BLOG POST – Bryan Farris, blog post: The First Brick
Link to blog post –

3. VIDEO – Seth Godin – Market Creation is Hard
Link to video:




Whether in a boardroom in New York or on an investee field trip in Pakistan, Acumen Fund has a tradition of sharing everyone’s ‘ah-ha’ after a good discussion has been had.

We ask Acumen Salon guests to share their ah-ha moments – the key take away, new perspective, memorable comment or parting thought – from the evening.

Our hope is that these thoughts will spark further conversations online and will perhaps trigger a few reflections within others.

Ah-Ha Moments from our conversation on Trust:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The comments above reflect the ah-ha moments that were shared with permission following our Salon conversation on the theme of Trust, held on Tuesday, March 27 at Save On Meats.


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